About Us

Our mission is to become a major supplier of best Kienyeji (indigenous) chicken to Kenyan Poultry Industry and the retail sector, providing our customers with best cost, quality solutions that add value to their business while fulfilling the expectations of our shareholders.

We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards in bio-security and stock welfare. Our bio-security procedures are very strict in order to ensure the health and welfare of our products.

We are able to provide full tractability for all our products whether they are hatched from eggs produced on our own farms or from contract breeder farms.

All our flocks, hatcheries and catching and transport are subject to rigorous internal audits and are subject to independent external audits by Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and our customers.

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Ganjo Hatchers Limited was established in 2008, and has, over the years, earned the reputation of being one of the best hatchery companies adopting international standards of quality, hygiene and efficiency.


Ganjo Hatchers Farms is located in Ngoliba at the boarder of Central and Eastern Province. The farm and hatchery is about 32 Km from Thika (please see the map). The weather is warm with the highs in the summer being 30ºC degrees and the lows in the winter averaging 15ºC in July. Rainfall averages 68mm per year with the majority fall from November through February. It is an ideal climate for farming with some breezy months. We have chosen Thika as it is central and makes it easy for Ganjo hatchers to transport our chicks to our customers and the weather is just right for hatching.


We aim to provide our staff with a clear understanding of our business direction, whilst setting the expectations of performance for everyone. We engage our staff by encouraging, retaining and rewarding the skills and behaviours required to ensure we achieve our business objectives.