Ganjo Hatchers

We are a family owned and operated business that started as a hobby. We breed many species of chicken (Kienyeji), duck and turkey. The hatchery was started in 2008 as Ganjo Hatchers Enterprises Ltd and we have continued to expand and develop the business into a top quality, efficient company that it is today.

We sell our chicks mainly to re-sellers at a wholesale price; minimum chicks sold are 500 day old chicks. We only sell day old chicks but if you have an order of one week to mature chicken we can make arrangement with our farmers to rear them for you.

The current maximum setting capacity of the hatchery is 25,000 eggs per week.  These eggs are all produced in the Netherlands.  A major refurbishment / expansion of the hatchery have recently been implemented to quadruple the capacity to 65,000 per week. The hatching machines will also be renewed to top of the range machines.  The eggs are incubated for 18 days and then transferred to the hatchers for 3 days.  At GH we hatch day old chicks on Tuesdays and Saturdays of the week and with an estimated hatch rate of 80% will produce approximately 22,000 chicks per week. We are driving the Kenyan poultry industry forward

Ganjo Hatchers is planning to develop into a fully integrated poultry company comprising all the stages of feed milling, breeding, hatching, rearing and processing.

Ganjo Hatchers:
  • Try to do everything as naturally as possible
  • Are a family business in operation since 2008 dedicated to traditional values and service
  • Chicks are delivered nationally in non-returnable boxes and also injected with Marek’s vaccine at no extra cost
  • Liaise closely with their veterinary practice and work within the latest codes of practice and we are members of the poultry health scheme.

If you have any questions or would like to visit us please do not hesitate to contact us